Together: Gospel Centered Lives

As we look to be a congregation that lives all of life in light of the gospel, we know there are areas of inconsistency and needed growth. Below are some resources to help us learn and grow toward more fully integrated lives with Jesus:

Article: Pastor Joe Thorn “What Does it Mean to be Gospel-Centered?”

Article: Pastor Winfeild Bevins “What is Gospel-Centered Ministry?”

Article: Trevin Wax “What is Gospel-Centered Preaching?”

Spoken Word: Propaganda “The Gospel in 4 Minutes

Sermon: Dr. Timoth Keller “Gospel Centered Ministry

Book: Dr. Michael Goheen “The True Story of the Whole World” (amazon) (book trailer)

Book: Dr. Timothy Keller “Counterfeit Gods” (amazon) (public library)


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