All Things Well

Though the valleys be without end And the mountains ever extend The Creator does all things well   When sight is often clouded And thoughts are constant, crowded The Healer does all things well   Though life is bigger in its size Than we ever could surmise The Sovereign does all things well   Though all may go astray And we feel like we’ve lost our way The Redeemer does all things well   When friends wander off And the loved one seems all but lost The Shepherd still does all things well   May we rest continually in the place Where we persistently seek His face And see with new clarity – Jesus does all things well

In the Midst of the Unexpected

Life is full of the unexpected. Our day, week, or entire life can turn upside down with nothing more than a phone call or text message. It’s in times like these that questions, fears, anxiety, doubt, and depression flood our hearts and minds as though a dam has erupted and the floods are upon us. When these moments strike we need to learn to take it all to Jesus. I don’t say that as a flat, religious platitude or handing out an empty cliche. Here is what can often happen: We encounter something that frustrates, flusters, or flattens us, and the internal battle begins. The dialogue rolls around in our brains and tension mounts. Teeth are clenched. Breath is held. Headaches ensue. Distractions are sought to ease the mind, but often to no avail. In those moments, in all moments, go to Jesus. Place before Him every last bit of … Continued