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The Story That Shapes Us: Our Commission

Justin Southwick
August 22nd, 2016 — Acts 20:17-38

Listen in as Pastor Justin Southwick brings the word and commissions us to live out of our gospel identity. … Continued

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Sermon Series Archive

  • Colossians

    In the letter from Paul to the church of Colossae, we see how knowing and growing in Christ brings flourishing to the church and world.

  • When the Divine Descends

    This series will take us through lent in 2016. We will look at how the life and ministry of Jesus renews faith and leads us in repentance in daily life.

  • Together

    A three part series looking at the mission of Lumen Deo to be a church that presses out with gospel centered lives, gospel centered community and gospel centered mission.

  • Advent 2015

    This Advent we are looking through the book of Isaiah and the theme of expectation as we remember the first coming of Jesus and look forward to His promised return.

  • 2 Peter

    In Peter's second letter we see the apostle writing to protect the church against scoffers and seducers. Through the little book Peter presses the people of God toward heart enlarging and hope rising in their lives and ministry.

  • The Pentateuch

    What are the first five books of the bible about and how do they connect to the larger story of scripture? This sermon series will give a bird's eye view of the Torah, look at what they tell us about God, humanity and how they connect in Christ.

  • 1 Peter

    First Peter is about God and the entirety of the letter is an invitation to reorient our whole lives around the person and work of Christ. Through the the five chapters of the letter we see the unfolding work of God equipping the people of God for the mission of God in the midst of a hostile world.

  • The Everyday Gospel

    Through this ten week series we will look at how the good news of the gospel interacts with the questions and concerns of everyday life.

  • Ruth

    We will go through the book of Ruth for Advent 2014. In this little book we see God making straight lines with crooked sticks as his providence brings redemption and restoration.

  • Ecclesiastes

    A series looking at the vanity of life and God who gives meaning to all of life.

  • Philippians

    A sermon series that looks at the joy and life that comes from the good news of the gospel.

  • Learning Lumen Deo

    A two week series on who we are and how we live as a church family.

  • Haggai

    A four week sermon series through the minor prophet Haggai.

  • The Gospel Story and Shape

    Through this sermon series we explore the story of the gospel and how it shapes our daily lives.

  • Advent

    Advent is the season where we remember Christ Jesus' first coming while looking and longing for his second as we rest because he is presently with us. It is the Lord Jesus Christ who is the author and giver of hope, peace, joy and love.

  • Mark

    The Gospel according to Mark is a fast paced, high impact account of the life of Jesus. Through Mark’s account we see that Jesus brings the good news of the Kingdom of God and what life as a follower of Jesus looks like.

  • The Lord's Prayer

    Is prayer something that only happens before meals and bedtime? Is it possible that we have shrunk down prayer to little more than a religious duty? Through the Lord’s prayer Jesus unfolds that prayer is not simply a religious duty but a robust, relational delight. Prayer is personal, providential, practical and perspectival.

  • Titus

    In Paul’s epistle to Titus he lines out what life in the midst of a covenant community looks like. It is messy, difficult, and glorious all at the same time. The consistent call for the church is for doctrine and practice to compliment and support one another. Grace leads to action.

  • Jonah

    The story of Jonah is not about a fish, it is about the God of the universe who extends his steadfast love toward the religious and rebellious. In this four part sermon series we are reminded again that God is gracious and merciful, slow to anger and abounding in steadfast love.

  • Topical

    Various topical sermons.

  • The Story

    The Bible is one continuous story that points us to the great themes of creation, fall, redemption, and restoration. The central and focal point is Christ and the entirety of the book speaks of the good news of the gospel.