Lumen Deo is a Gospel-centered community seeking to live on mission with the good news of Jesus Christ.

Lumen Deo is a Latin phrase that means Light of God. We have chosen to identify ourselves by this name because it represents the character of God and the nature of the mission He has for us. Jesus said that He is the light of the world and His followers are called to reflect (show) and refract (share) that light. As a community of Christ-followers, we desire to join in the mission of God by bringing illumination to the people and cities of the world through the gospel of Jesus.


We exist to see Jesus illuminate and reorient all people toward gospel-centered lives. Our heart is to see the city renewed through His people, on His mission, for His glory.


We are a gospel centered community on mission with Jesus Christ for the glory of God. This mission plays out in three avenues:

Gospel Centered Life

We seek to be people that see the light of the gospel as applicable to all of life. Our faith, trust, hope and belief are all founded upon the word of God, and are Jesus-centered, gospel-driven, worship and joy filled, always to and for the glory of God.

Gospel Centered Community

The totality and entirety of our lives is to be Holy Spirit empowered as a sent people. As a community of disciples of Jesus Christ, we are called to be saturated with the gospel, ministers of reconciliation, and infused with grace as we follow Jesus.

Gospel Centered Mission

As we are rooted in the gospel, we grow in the gospel as disciples. Through this, others are equipped and sent-out in a multiplying community that makes disciples and plants churches.

Location: Downtown Prescott - And beyond

We began this church plant in the Downtown Prescott area for 3 specific reasons:

Central Location

It is the center of not only the city of Prescott but also the quad-city area.

Cultural Center

It is a consistent and constant "melting pot" within the city, where the varying people and cultures of the quad-cities come together.

Radiating Out

Because the culture in the heart of the city tends to permeate all of the surrounding communities, we feel a desire and an urgency to convey the light and love of the Gospel of Jesus, with the hope of seeing the people and the city redeemed for His glory.