Sermon Recap: Vocation and Vanity

On Sunday, our church family gathered for corporate worship and we continued through our series in the book of Ecclesiastes. The audio recording didn’t work, so in lieu of a podcast, here is a sermon recap: Ecclesiastes 2:18-26 – Vocation and Vanity   Vocation/work broadly defined as┬áthat which occupies our time, energies, and attention whether it be school, work, parenting, retirement, etc. The despair that comes from Vocation and its causes (V. 18-23) 1. Death and the unknown cause despair (V. 18-19) 2. Our lack of control over others produces disillusionment (V. 20-21) 3. The unrelenting and unending difficulty of work Why is it this way? Does it have to be so difficult? ┬áBecause God is faithful   He is keeping his promise made to Adam in the garden after the fall (Genesis 3:17-19). God communicates the sweeping aspects of the fall (cosmic//communal//individual). He has been faithful to keep his … Continued