Redeeming the Everyday

Life is extraordinarily ordinary. Days quickly melt into one another. Work trudges on. Bills need to be paid. Dishes need to be cleaned, laundry needs to be done, kids need to be dressed, groceries need to be purchased. Every. Single. Day. Pretty mundane, right? In light of that, we can often hope for a different life or even look into another’s world and long for something more adventurous, more exciting, more together. But that longing is rooted in a lie that something different, something else, ANYTHING else is where the good life is. It doesn’t end. It can quickly breed an unholy discontent, depression, and worst of all, a failure to see the goodness of God with where you’re at now. Where is the hope? Where and when do we see change? In the gospel we are freed from that cycle to see the grace of God in the everyday. … Continued